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The NSN mascot contest is extended !!!
we're going to let this puppy run.

The Nauticom Sports Network needs a mascot to join in the fun at the games, and the sports guys want the mascot selection to come from you. We started a contest last month and originally set a dead-line of Aug 18th. But, we have gotten so many great entries we don't know which one to pick.. You guys --especially the kids-- seem to be having fun with this challenge, so we decided to extend the contest a while longer. You keep 'em coming and we'll tell you when to stop.

You could win FREE Internet service! So get the kid's and Dad --the big kid-- busy with their crayons.

Here's how it works and what you have to do: Send us a drawing and/or description of your NSN mascot ideas to:
Nauticom Sports Network Mascot
4008 Gibsonia Rd.
Gibsonia, PA 15044.

You tech-types can send ideas (saved as .gif or .jpg, 700K limit please) to: nsnmascot@nauticom.net. (If you are unsure how to save/send either of the above file formats, please send via regular mail, as we can't offer technical assistance for this purpose.)

Our crack(ed) staff of managers, designers and sports guys will select the winning design or suggestion from you. The person whose idea is selected receives One Year Of Free dial-up Internet Service from Nauticom! And, we've got a couple things for some of the runner-up selections too.

Meanwhile, check out the Nauticom Sports Network web site at www.nauticomsports.net. And, go catch a local high school game, support the team and say "Hi" to our sports guys there. Maybe you'll get a good idea for a mascot there.