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Cyber Sentinel is the most advanced Internet filtering software package available. As parents and employers, we cannot be present to continuously monitor a user's computer activity. The software was designed with this in mind and it provides a unique solution for analyzing, filtering, and blocking undesirable, predatory, and sexually explicit computer traffic. Cyber Sentinel is active in all Windows applications and is especially powerful on-line for monitoring chat, instant messaging, email, newsgroups, and all web sites. It is the only program on the market that gives you complete protection where and when you need it, and will email parents and administrators when violations are recorded.

A powerful data collection feature allows parents and administrators to review inapropriate and potentially harmful material gathered from the computer. Cyber Sentinel is the only filtering product on the market that gives parents and administrators a visual log of violations for later review.

Cyber Sentinel requires a computer running Windows 95/98/NT/2K with a 486 DX2 or faster processor, with at least 20 megabytes of hard disk space, and a minimum of 8 megabytes of memory(RAM).
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